Java development services cover implementation of enterprise apps, software products, and SaaS solutions using secure, portable, and scalable Java frameworks. TechIT Group helps clients build sustainable Java-based software fast and cost-effectively.

Enterprise Java-based applications

  • Complex enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, enterprise asset management (EAM), PIM, enterprise content management (ECM), etc.).
  • Industry-specific applications, e.g., EHR, online banking, POS.
  • Web portals (vendor, customer, self-service, ecommerce, community portals).
  • Ecommerce websites.

Java-based products

Including XaaS applications with millions of users and response of <1 sec.

  • Self-service applications (including mobile banking).
  • Multiplayer game back end.
  • Video streaming and processing software.
  • VoIP and messaging applications.

Opt for Risk-Free, Expert Java Development

Our Java skills are backed up by practical knowledge in 30 industries (manufacturing, healthcare, ecommerce, banking, and telecommunications, and more) and advanced tech (e.g., AI/ML, AR/VR, blockchain) to address a wide set of needs related to Java development:

  • Java code review and maintenance.
  • New Java app planning (conducted by industry-specific business analysts), Java framework selection, Java app architecture design.
  • Custom Java development and Java product development.
  • Maintenance, support, and evolution of Java applications.
  • Legacy application migration to new Java versions, refactoring, re-architecting.