The client may be a international supplier of insurance solutions and insurance-related services with worldwide interests. The client covers casualty and accident insurance solutions and delivers alternative insurance-related services to businesses in such areas as engineering, supplying & inventory, aviation, energy, and more.

The client had a core insurance estimation computer code below development. They needed their new mission-critical microservices-based system integrated with multiple external solutions to run swimmingly and while not errors and disruptions.

The client required to accelerate time-to-value and preserve top quality at an equivalent time. For that, the client needed at hand over the whole testing and QA method throughout their 2-year package development project.

The development project was done in line with the beginning model and testing went in parallel with development. To befits these project conditions and therefore the Customer’s want for quick and quality releases, Tech-It Group’s check automation engineers determined to use its proprietary IMAAT (Integrated Manual automatic|and automatic} Testing) approach that resides in a very combination of automated and manual tests.

While a bigger share of testing was automatic, manual tests were utilized to produce prompt response to developers when hotfixes. The automatic testing setting was supported drafting instrument.

To comprehensively address the application’s testing wants, the team executed:

Functional checking (to test new options and regressions). Tech-It Group’s coated purposeful necessities with 750+ check cases.
Integration testing (to check microservices genus Apis and integrations with external systems).
Localization testing (to verify worldwide operations with a read to legislation, currency variations, and more).
The tests were dead at each the UI and API levels. The latter considerably helped shift testing earlier within the development cycle and higher cater to quick beginning releases.

In cooperation with the DevOps team, the check automation team designed and enforced continuous integration (CI) pipeline and introduced continuous testing into it. This helped verify new package elements even additional quickly and expeditiously whereas not compromising on package quality.

To effectively check against massive datasets, the team utilized the pairwise approach to check style. The technology permits saving up to twenty of check style prices if done early within the project whereas increasing check coverage by 20%-30%.

Tech-It Group’s check automation team with success handled the challenge of advanced insurance calculations and managed to attain 90-95% check coverage. when 2 years of development, pre-release user acceptance testing disclosed solely a pair of bugs.

Despite the tight time frames, the client obtained a swimmingly operative and totally tested resolution. They conjointly received a comprehensive package of re-usable automatic tests for future regression testing to spot doable aspect effects just in case of package modifications and updates.

Protractor, TypeScript, JavaScript.