The client is associate degree yankee company that provides code to assist two hundred attention centers and retirement homes to method knowledge associated with patients and drugs similarly as build numerous kinds of reports.

The client commissioned Tech-It cluster to rewrite the code – a Java application employed by the attention centers for management and reportage of knowledge on medication inventory, clinical services, patient knowledge, promoting activities et al. at intervals the project, the client additionally needed the tool to permit its users to alter quality population health analytics with prompt reports.

To ensure measurability and short question reaction time, Tech-It Group’s metal implementation team designed associate degree analytical Microsoft SQL Server knowledge warehouse which might use a Transact-SQL script to load knowledge from the on-line database. The latter was consolidated from two hundred databases throughout the appliance development method and destroyed 12GB.

revenue dashboards

occupancy dashboards

Currently, Tech-It Group’s metal developers build reports with the JReport tool. Among the reports there are:

Medication Classification Report
Missed Medications
Hospital Readmissions
Employee Performance Report
Community promoting Activity outline
The Customer’s shoppers square measure currently able to improve their management processes due to prompt analytics reports. along with Tech-It cluster, the client is additionally attending to build OLAP-cubes to store mass knowledge for advanced attention knowledge analytics and data process.

Technologies and Tools
MS SQL Server, Transact-SQL, JReport