Invention Machine [USA] is that the leading supplier of software system that speeds the method of innovation. For quite a decade, Invention Machine has helped over one,000 firms worldwide, to drive top-line growth, cut back prices, and speed up time-to-market by up method efficiencies and quicker supplying their product pipelines with higher-quality merchandise.

Invention Machine Corporation aims at providing huge firms with a tool that permits up their innovation method victimization linguistics analysis for document management within the heterogeneous knowledge domain collected by the shopper. The developed system functions as a service that scans client’s documents and creates linguistics index, which can be any used for solutions search victimization Subject Action Object pattern and Boolean queries. it’s the syntax half which will guarantee product success within the competitive search market. As associate addition, the service permits sorting out new data in some specific domain by suggests that of notification concerning new results for the precise amount.

Web portal is the setting the shopper will add. The shopper will create use of linguistics search inside the registered scientific effects, patents and alternative wide used internet services. The shopper can even index the documents on his own laptop by suggests that of a special that is plug-in. This plug-in permits synchronous search not solely on the client’s laptop, however conjointly within the patents info on a special server.

Goldfire conceiver may be a combination of many merchandise developed by Invention Machine throughout many years. Therefore, Goldfire conceiver includes several modules developed from the already existing solutions that were updated in keeping with the market necessities.

Analysis & designing part
The basic product to be changed was CoBrain internet portal that permits search however while not linguistics analysis. selling department in capital of Massachusetts conducted analysis and analysis to work out what new options and tools the new service ought to have.

The list of options was sent to technical specialists WHO created a preliminary project set up with preliminary schedules and therefore the list of deliverables. The project clothed to accommodates 2 components – linguistics search service and user portal. The project was accomplished by the information science team in Minsk (server, user interface and QA groups were set up), management and selling was conducted in capital of Massachusetts (USA). Tech-It Group’s QA specialists created a custom-made development method compatible with ISO 9001.

Design part
Development team began to outline the customer’s necessities. an in depth project set up was created with an intensive risk analysis to reduce their attainable impact. user interface team created vision documents, interface templates, etc. once approval of the templates by the Invention Machine management an in depth set up for user interface creation was detailed. a collection of deliverables was defined:

At the primary stage, new enforced and updated CoBrain options had to be delivered.
At the second stage linguistics search options were to be integrated.
At the third stage plug-in practicality for the shopper machine had to be accomplished.
Implementation part
During the implementation part, the Service and user interface groups worked in shut cooperation to work out input and output information. As a result, service and user interface half were developed in parallel. Service team provided special patches for the user interface team and user interface team continually had the desired practicality to arrange interface for it.

GUI options were conjointly developed in parallel. Moreover, the user interface team used CFML-Сustom-Tag wide. This allowed the team to make an online element library that allowed to considerably minimize UI development and testing time.

Source codes of each user interface modules and repair modules were keep in centralized supplySafe base and were obtainable to any or all specialists collaborating within the development method. Therefore, not solely storage procedure however conjointly accounting of efforts to implement specific options was disbursed.

All project modules more established the part of preliminary testing. Unit tests were created for the Service modules, and for user interface models, in its flip, specific System tags were tested in accordance with the represented interface.

All the tasks performed by developers were registered I the defect pursuit system – TrackGear. every developer provided a report on the performed work and such the modified codes. once Service and user interface elements of every specific feature were prepared, the feature was marked as enforced and prepared for integration.

Integration part
After some feature was prepared for testing it had been integrated into internet portal.

Stabilization part
Testing was performed subsequent day once a feature was integrated into the portal. QA cluster tested the feature and registered bugs in Track Gear. The defect was mentioned with developers and therefore the code was mounted. If any new requests appeared they may be registered within the bug pursuit system as amendment requests. in any case defects were mounted, the feature was thought of to be enforced.

Beta versions of the merchandise were step by step uploaded to Invention Machine’s web site. The Customer’s staff and CoBrain users performed beta testing. And once implementing amendment requests, the merchandise was prepared for public use.

Deployment part
The final version of the merchandise became obtainable at Invention Machine’s web site. the merchandise practicality was totally documented. every module had its elaborate description. That allowed the team to simply proceed to support stage. the ultimate version was uploaded to IM web site for public use. The users provided their feedback within the system and submitted amendment requests that were enforced in any product versions.

Maintenance & support part
When the warrantee amount invalid, the client and Tech-It cluster signed the Service Level Agreement that such Maintenance & Support implementation. Work on the project was divided into two parallel processes:

Defects reportage, tracking, fixing; minor amendment requests implementation (Support).
Major amendment requests accumulation, designing and implementation (Maintenance).
Goldfire conceiver permits a structured approach to ingenious problem-solving. It helps users to straightforward determine the matter, generate answer and solve the matter with the best potency.

Goldfire conceiver delivers crucial patent and scientific content – as well as access to:

15 million worldwide patents,
Database of 8000 scientific effects, 3
3000 cross-disciplinary scientific ‘deep web’ websites
The combination of ingenious software system and made content permits organizations to bring larger potency to their innovation and downside finding processes by empowering engineers with methodologies, disciplines and relevant data.

The developed solution:

Ensures higher downside definition and understanding;
Automates and facilitates the processes around construct creation;
Enables elaborate worth analysis of existing physical devices and production processes;
Defines and prioritizes engineering issues and solutions;
Facilitates capturing and sharing of company and private data by eliminating reinvention and promoting engineering reuse;
Facilitates competitive analysis, patent analysis and technology trend analysis;
Infuses higher market data earlier within the development method.
Whether conceiving new merchandise, correcting product defects, planning feature modifications to existing merchandise, distinguishing technology trends and future product roadmaps, or up production processes, Goldfire conceiver enhances and accelerates the flexibility of engineering, selling and production personnel to methodically explore and validate more cost effective, competitive, and higher-quality system styles.

Companies victimization Goldfire conceiver profit from:

Improved quality and rate of plan generation;
Greater conversion rates of concepts to products;
Better and additional competitive product offerings;
Streamlined producing processes;
Faster time-to-market;
Greater R&D come on investment;
Accelerated company growth.
Technologies and Tools
Technologies & tools: Microsoft Visual C++, Java, Macromedia ColdFusion five.0, JavaScript, Oracle 9i info Server, IBM DB2, MAPI, ISAPI Filters, TCP/IP, HTTP, WinHTTP, IIS 4.5.

Language: C++, HTML/DHTML, XML, WDDX, JavaScript, CFML

Development processes: ISO9001