A package company providing accidental solutions for final net water sport expertise freed from the excessive use of third-party applications. The Customer’s powerful assets facilitate to socialize and manage media content each on-line and offline.

With understanding and compassion for the frustrations of end-users navigating among varied media apps and services, the client planned associate all-in-one net browsing application specifically appropriate for music connoisseurs, video lovers and folks with a vigorous on-line presence. Tech-It Group’s task was to form a mack version of the browser and to implement a system of updates for Windows and mack. different challenges round-faced by Tech-It cluster team enclosed associate auto-updates system that is easy and extremely customizable yet as an answer for torrents managing from the browser.

The team functioning on the Project originally consisted of six seasoned developers and also the total work log has already amounted to 220 weeks. Over now the difference of the Chromium-based browser for mack has been with success accomplished and a custom mack installer has been created.

To keep the browser on the leading edge of technological trends a system of updates associated an auto-updates system for Windows and mack are enforced.

One of the distinctive options of the merchandise is its ability to support and manage torrent downloads directly from the browser, with lightning speeds and also the intuitive interface creating for pleasant user expertise.

Another characteristic feature of the browser is that the single access purpose integration with all the most important social networks and content sharing platforms. The Customer´s selected music service has been integrated within the Product via add-ons, net and desktop apps.

alternative browser

Tech-It cluster has conjointly created a special Launcher for Windows that permits the browser users instantly access their favorite bookmarks, page read history and also the pages they frequent directly from their desktops in an exceedingly single click.

As a result the merchandise has seen many releases with all the specified options being enforced and when two years the team of 5 specialists continues to boost the user expertise and also the Product performance by often delivering updates and new options. currently the browser is with success competitory among the market leaders with over ten mln monthly active users.

Technologies and Tools
To provide for top up-to-date wife, performance, and security standards, the Cr browser’s framework has been extensively custom and extended with C++ libraries like libtorrent-rasterbar library, scientific discipline tools like Crypto++ and OpenSSL, and HTML / JavaScript for internal pages. Windows Service and mack Daemon were developed for the auto-update system of the merchandise.

To ensure property and flexibly demands of the Customer’s growing and ever-changing wants the project is being developed on the Time & Materials model and Agile methodology.