The client could be a US-based company providing software system merchandise and coaching services for managed services suppliers (MSPs).

The client wished to deliver a SaaS product for suppliers of virtual Chief info Officer (vCIO) services to assist them automatise business processes of their shoppers. The .NET-based application had to sustain associate degree exceptional client expertise, guarantee stable performance even in serious load conditions and simply scale on demand.

The client wished to quickly launch basic product practicality so expand the merchandise capabilities through frequent updates to not lose the loyalty of MSP shoppers.

For this reason, the client was searching for a reliable school partner intimate in complicated, distributed, cloud-native development to require over the full-cycle software system development.

Tech-It Group’s cross-functional team of a PM, a BA, .NET developers and designers, take a look at automation engineers, and DevOps engineers was entrusted with the delivery of the new SaaS product.

The new wares wares set of tools that allowed MSPs to:

Create customizable shopper reviews (QBR) and complete vCIO services impact assessment.
Manage service delivery methods for each shopper.
Organize and digitally gift service initiatives and proposals.
Conduct on-line conferences with shoppers.
Manage budgets.
Establish and maintain custom IT standards.
Access a structured repository of trade compliance pointers.
Gather shopper feedback.
Pay for SaaS usage.
The team ensured its simple integration with fashionable third-party MSP and IT business management software system solutions – ConnectWise, Autotask protein, IT Glue, BrightGauge – to support automatic information import.

To secure high handiness, fault tolerance, safe and straightforward scaling of the complicated microservices-based SaaS application, Tech-It Group’s team increased its design with Azure services to alter a service mesh layer, load reconciliation, and automatic instrumentality readying and management.

To help the client guarantee stable work of huge distributed software system, our team delivered a observation element that enclosed a custom audit module and Grafana, Azure Application Insights, Kiali, and coastal diving bird practicality. The observation module:

Collected information on the element performance metrics and custom purpose-specific logs.
Automatically notified concerning specific events.
Helped quickly trace a selected event through totally different design parts and tenants to seek out out the explanation for the problem.
Analyzed the received metrics and provided one console with interactive dashboards to simply check the health of the full application infrastructure.
To accommodates the Customer’s necessities of frequent and reliable releases, Tech-It Group’s team established a lean development method with integrated Agile/Scrum and DevOps techniques (Docker containerization and dock worker Compose, CI/CD).

To any sped up software system delivery, Tech-It Group’s team used the proprietary IMAAT (Integrated Manual {and automatic|and automatic} Testing) approach that resided within the balanced combination of automated and manual testing. The team automatic purposeful regression, integration and cross-browser testing. Manual tests were saved for fast initial checks for fresh enforced options, one-time runs, and served to produce prompt response to developers when hotfixes. take a look at automation engineers integrated continuous testing into the continual integration (CI) pipeline to run tests mechanically on every occasion a brand new modification was introduced and support safe nightly builds.

Combined, professionally established continuous integration, testing and delivery resulted in virtually continuous readiness for quality releases of recent options and updates.

The client managed to launch their SaaS application in time and often updated the merchandise with new capabilities. guaranteeing seamless fashionable expertise of vCIO services management, the cloud-based application with efficiency coped with the growing client base.

Technologies and Tools
SaaS Development: .NET Core 3.1, C# 8; Angular ten, matter three.9, NgRx, MobX; dock worker, dock worker Compose; Istio; wildcat API entranceway (OSS); Nginx; Umbrella Management API; Entity Framework Core, Dapper; Grafana, Kiali, Jaeger; Chargify; Mailchimp with Mandrill; Google Analytics, Appcues, ZenDesk.

Microsoft Azure services: Azure Kubernetes, Azure Functions for internet Hooks, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL info, Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Azure SignalR, Azure Application Insights, Azure App Service, Azure instrumentality register, Azure Key Vault, Azure API Management, Azure Pipelines, Azure Virtual Machines (VM).

QA: xUnit; nUnit (C#), bush (TypeScript), chemical element (TypeScript).