The client could be a international drug company with operations in over one hundred countries, 80+ years of expertise and $15+ bln revenue. It provides caregivers and patients with delivery medicine, urinary organ and transfusion medical merchandise. With intensive expertise in drug analysis and development, the client supports care suppliers in their mission to deliver quality care across hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and patients’ homes.

The client required a centralized resolution to hide generic and non-generic short-living therapy medication and feeding production (such as cyclophosphamide, 5-FU, cisplatin and more), stock management, consumer data and money transactions (direct sales). This resolution was to be used not solely at the organization, however additionally at its medical customers’ facilities.

The previous Customer’s system was out-of-date, unreliable and expensive to keep up. It enclosed 2 separate ‘dispensing pharmacy’ and ‘total channel nutrition’ modules, that were to be supported and updated manually. Besides, this method was non-scalable, that obstructed the Customer’s additional business growth. The ordering method was allotted via such out-of-date media as fax and phone. Moreover, the answer wasn’t in compliance with the most recent GAMP4 standards and needs.

Therefore, the client requested to reconstruct the system to create it ascendable and simply updateable. The new resolution was to align separate modules, produce the then missing ordering, invoicing and reportage practicality to deliver the full-cycle system capable of safeguarding manufacture of first-line medicine medication and feeding medications.

The client selected a .NET platform for implementation of the new integrated system. The server application and shoppers act via .NET web-services. the answer consists of the subsequent modules:

Data maintenance
This module contains a info storing the system objects like hospitals, patients, orders, batches, order standing and a lot of.

The production module covers the complete method of drugs manufacturing: drug order and formula entry, entry review, pre-compounding, combining, post-compounding, labeling, unleash and delivery. Let’s review however this module works.

For example, the new system is put in at a hospital’s dispensing unit. This hospital’s medical practitioner prescribes AN medicine drug for a specific patient. Then this medical practitioner or a chemist uses the system to enter the order and send it to the plant nearest to their location.

The plant receives the order, and therefore the code mechanically performs the validity check to create positive the formula is adequate, the dose is true and elements ar relevant. The system may also arrange the medication production for the complete course of treatment when one order. It calculates the amount of doses for, say, a 6-week course and schedules specific dates for every dose preparation and delivery.

On the pre-compounding stage, the system mechanically selects right elements for the medication mixture consistent with the ‘least waste’ policy. the answer additionally supports printing out of directions on needed elements and combining techniques. Then a dispensing isolator technician uses this instruction for drugs preparation. The post-compounding stage includes another validity check to confirm a prime quality of a freshly created drug.

During the labeling, unleash and delivery stage, the medication gets a sticker with the patient’s name, his or her location, shelf-life date and storage needs. Then this drug is bimanual to a messenger and delivered to a patient.

Stock management
With this module, the Customer’s specialists will superintend the flow of merchandise, monitor the inventory of elements and timely stock them. It permits the client to support uninterrupted production of latest medicines and deliver them to patients timely.

The invoicing module permits the client to trace the entire medication acquisition method. the corporate will produce new invoices, and search them by consumer, Project, Invoice standing or Date of Creation. the fast filtering choice additionally permits to ascertain outstanding, owed and paid invoices in one click.

To keep a close history of all transactions, the organization will generate varied reports supported KPI, orders, hospital shoppers, stock, expenditure and alternative factors of the user’s alternative. Charts, metrics, trend overviews and optical instrument reports change in-depth population health information analytics of current operational and money processes, also as foreseeing areas for improvement.

The security module makes positive each vital step is safeguarded and licensed. except login-password authorization, every drugs producing step needs coming into a user’s PIN.

Tech-It cluster delivered a GAMP4-compliant full-cycle resolution to change generic and non-generic short-living therapy medication and feeding order and producing for higher chronic illness management. the answer includes information maintenance, production, stock management, invoicing, reportage and security module. The consumer-server design was applied to permit hospitals and alternative clinical shoppers to request medicines from the plant nearest to their location victimisation the client application.

The client and its shoppers are victimisation the delivered system for 10+ years thus far.

Technologies and Tools
Technologies: .NET Framework two.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, VB.NET, JavaScript, Infragistics two.0, Citrix server API, Crystal Reports

Development processes: ISO-9001, GAMP4