The client is engaged in a web sale of written and electronic books. the corporate develops 2 business lines, thus it runs 2 separate ecommerce websites: the primary one targets the widest audience of readers and is in public accessible, whereas the other sells educational books needed by schools and universities and is meant for college kids solely. The access to the tutorial e-store is out there upon choice of the tutorial establishment and registration.

The client had each ecommerce websites designed on Magento one. because the finish of the platform support was approaching, they were searching for a Magento-competent development team to migrate them to Magento a pair of. Hosting their ecommerce presence on AWS, the corporate conjointly questioned whether or not its price and quantifiability was best for them and regarded hosting migration.

The client saw migration as a chance to introduce some web site optimisation. As they were trying to extend sales within the in public accessible e-store, they determined to refresh its digital user expertise and visual style. Also, they wished to integrate their educational e-store with the Amazon marketplace and supply students a backup conceive to get there just in case a needed book was out-of-stock in their store. To facilitate the management of the e-stores, the client wished to unite them into one web site.

Code and theme migration to Magento a pair of
Chosen as a Magento migration vender, Tech-It cluster started the project with the code audit and unconcealed twelve customised dependent modules of poor code quality. The audit allowed for correct assessment of the work and time scope required for untroubled migration. thanks to the distinction within the code design vogue and code implementation between Magento one and a couple of, lift-and-shift migration of custom modules may find yourself with practicality breaks and high performance problems (e.g., up to 50-second page load). To avoid such risks, our team performed code refactoring and so re-coded all custom modules to be compliant with Magento a pair of.

Tasked to feature a recent look to the online stores, Tech-It cluster opted for a ready-made Magento a pair of theme and customised it to mirror the Customer’s complete.

Hosting migration to MageMojo
The client hosted their Magento websites on AWS and utilized Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) and SNS (Simple Notification Service) services. Amazon SQS was accustomed render books requested by professors and add them to the rosters of various courses and educational levels. Amazon SNS allowed for the synchronal process of professors’ requests. Tech-It cluster analyzed the Customer’s hosting desires and offered to migrate the websites to MageMojo. Created specifically for Magento-powered websites, it created for a a lot of budget-friendly alternative. As a district of the infrastructure (Amazon SNS and SQS, email services) and resources (images) were needed to depart on AWS, Tech-It Group’s team custom-coded integration between Magento and AWS and enabled quick information exchange.

Magento integration with the Amazon marketplace
Tech-It Group’s developers enabled students visiting the Customer’s educational e-store to shop for e-books on Amazon while not going the web site. during this state of affairs, a user journey unfolded as follows: when work in, students saw a full roll of the desired literature. The books in-stock were accessible for adding to the cart. The books out-of-stock were shown as accessible for purchase on Amazon. However, the online store didn’t airt users to Amazon however generated another cart and processed the acquisition and payment group action at intervals the web site.

Multistore and multisite setup
Upon the migration, Tech-It Group’s developers shaped the internetsites into a Magento multistore for the client to handily manage each web stores from a similar admin panel.

Given that the client worked with multiple publishers, our team enabled a multisite Magento instance. every publisher had a separate store read wherever readers may realize the total book assortment and complete info. At the time of unleash, there have been 100+ publishers’ websites created.

Both e-stores are migrated to Magento a pair of and integrated into a multistore with success with all their custom practicality saved and therefore the websites’ performance not disturbed. The client witnesses sales growth as digital user expertise has been typically improved and students have gained a chance to envision and get books on the far side the tutorial program.

The client plans to continue the collaboration with Tech-It cluster to migrate their ecommerce presence to a PWA.

Technologies and Tools
Magento Open supply a pair of.3.3, PHP 7.3, Elasticsearch vi.5.4, MySQL 5.7, Nginx 1.9, Varnish 6.2, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS