The client could be a European non-profit organization that develops mobile applications for coaching mathematical, logical and memory talents in youngsters. The client has 2 applications for mathematics learning and provides them for free of charge to youngsters, folks and lecturers. one among the applications offers a predetermined learning path. the opposite one suggests a versatile learning path, that permits youngsters to unravel issues on topics they require to specialize in and skip the others.

The client faced many challenges associated with the apps:

Outdated framework. The apps were supported the framework, that support complete at the start of 2019. The obsolete framework didn’t enable change the apps for the newest versions of humanoid and iOS.
Performance problems. The apps’ time interval was slow, as an example, it took quite five seconds for a tutor to open a listing of pupils.
High maintenance prices. The client used Microsoft Azure services for hosting and information storage. The Customer’s use of the services wasn’t economical enough and that they seasoned high expenditures.
Inflexibility. The apps lacked relevant practicality to adapt to the dynamic wants of lecturers and trainees. as an example, the absence or inaccessibility of a tutor created it not possible to assign their pupils to a different teacher.
All this created the client prefer application modernization and improvement of maintenance prices. However, the client didn’t have relevant experience in-house to handle this task.

The client commissioned Tech-It cluster to modernize the mobile apps. For the applications to support humanoid ten.0 and iOS thirteen versions, Tech-It Group’s team migrated them from the obsolete framework to Apache Cordova. As a section of the migration, the team performed code improvement and bug fixing. After that, Tech-It Group’s team examined the mobile applications and troubleshot many slow-running Microsoft SQL Server queries to mend performance problems.

Then the team analyzed the Customer’s resources on Azure. It clothed that 2 databases were about to the limit of the allotted storage, that led to high maintenance prices. to scale back the prices, our team optimized these 2 databases by deleting spare components like duplicated and inactive accounts or non-relevant coaching progress records, diplomas and reward charts. They conjointly optimized many Azure App Services to scale back maintenance prices any.

Tech-It Group’s team conjointly created changes to the practicality of the teacher’s interface of the coaching apps. They enabled reassigning pupils to totally different lecturers and binding a backup account just in case a tutor was inaccessible. The team conjointly created it attainable to delete pupils and lecturers from the system and allowed lecturers to look at their own profiles.

To facilitate preparation of the modernised coaching applications, Tech-It Group’s team machine-driven it with the assistance of Azure DevOps Services. This reduced preparation time to many clicks and allowed fast rollback to the previous application version if required. Our team used the Blue-Green preparation technique, that reduced the inaccessibility amount of the applications throughout preparation virtually to zero. The team was running 2 matching virtual environments of the Customer’s applications – Blue (it received all user traffic) and inexperienced (idle). throughout the assembly preparation to the inexperienced surroundings, users were bit by bit captive there from the Blue surroundings till everybody started mistreatment the new edition of the applications.

The client obtained the modernised applications, that worked quicker and supported the newest versions of humanoid and iOS. Besides, the new practicality created the apps additional convenient and versatile to use. And thanks to info and Azure App Services improvement, the app maintenance prices shrunken by four times.

Technologies and Tools
Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework four.5, C#, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET net API, ORM, Unity instrumentality, Visual Studio, Azure DevOps Services, Apache Cordova, Angular 5.