Technocentrum Utrecht (TCU), a partnership of business and technical coaching centers, focuses on information reinforcement and renewal, further as on higher integration between business technical education and current skilled apply.

To store an oversized quantity of various knowledge on the tutorial system, the client was ceaselessly making temporary knowledge tables. Such ineffective storage of data prevented obtaining valuable insights supported the info. Therefore, the client required to systematise all the accessible knowledge, alter knowledge import further as produce applied mathematics reports.

Tech-It cluster designed a web site that allowed users to make applied mathematics reports on the tutorial system development at the country level. the web site was complemented with a specially developed information. currently reports area unit designed supported given criteria and parameters and area unit given as tables or graphs. The dynamic question generator permits users to line the required parameters in a very type and dynamically modification further parameters.

Tech-It Group’s team enforced the options for:

Different grouping levels
Total total calculations
Creation of tables and graphs supported the info input by users
Tech-It cluster developed a special module for adding and deleting knowledge, and introduced automatic backups to forestall knowledge loss whereas mercantilism.

The inherent article system permits specifying access for various teams of users. All the articles area unit divided into 3 groups:

Static pages
Reference articles
Pages with applied mathematics reports
Pages with applied mathematics knowledge area unit distinctive for every year beneath review.

technocentrum Utrecht portal

The website allowed to decrease {the number|the quantity|the quantity} {of knowledge|of knowledge|of information} tables by three times and therefore the amount of duplicated knowledge by five times; data storage, analysis and image were improved via the implementation of the information, the dynamic question generator and a special module for knowledge manipulation. Tech-It Group’s team introduced a feature for defense from “improper” user actions, “incomplete” and / or “incorrect” knowledge entry within the database/PHP content. Overall, Tech-It Group’s agile web site development team managed to boost the system stability and performance.

Technologies and Tools
CMS: Drupal half dozen

Additional modules: Taxonomy, CCK

Database: MySQL five.x

Language: PHP five.2.x

Webserver: Apache a pair of.x

Frontend: mythical being, JavaScript/JQuery, XHTML

IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans

Operating system: Linux, Windows