The client is a global insurance firm that gives universal and industry-specific forms of insurance and connected services to businesses.

The client planned to interchange one among their core enterprise solutions – a 20-year-old inheritance aviation insurance internet application. the appliance was wide utilized by the Customer’s underwriters placed worldwide, similarly as by external brokers UN agency used it on the SaaS model. it had been of strategic importance for the Customer’s business that a brand new version of the appliance was straightforward to take care of and provided a a lot of valuable user expertise.

The client was trying to find a seller that would take up the solution’s modernization whereas accounting for the complicated business logic it relied on.

Chosen because the seller for computer code development outsourcing, ScienceSoft provided the client with a self-managed dedicated team of senior specialists. The team consisted of a computer code creator (acting as a project manager as well), a business analyst, three back-end and three front-end developers, and a QA specialist. Project management was shared between ScienceSoft’s PM and BA, and a product owner and a scrummage master on the Customer’s aspect.

Change management

To get AN in-depth understanding of the Customer’s wants, Tech-It Group’s BA induced new needs at the conferences with completely different teams of stakeholders and user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions, similarly as unintended, once business wants and goals altered. Relevant user stories were created to accommodate the requested changes, another to the backlog and prioritized at the conferences with the target user teams.

Development and QA

Tech-It Group’s developers established the CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps Server to hurry up the delivery of requested changes.

The team disbursed code refactoring, replaced superannuated non-maintainable technologies with trendy ones, and adjusted the system’s design. They enforced a spic-and-span permission structure and optimized practicality with the automation of manual calculation and audit processes to assist users contour their work.

Tech-It Group’s team provided proactive problem-solving and consulting throughout the project. It allowed minimizing internal integration problems and risks of the backward compatibility with the previous application’s design.

The QA method concerned performance and purposeful testing: smoke tests, UAT tests, and regression tests. The latter helped make sure the changed practicality didn’t have an effect on the remainder of the answer.

Thanks to the input of Tech-It Group’s dedicated team, the client was ready to cut development time and scale back project prices, similarly as lower future maintenance prices thanks to the implementation of contemporary technologies. The recreate of the appliance has stable high performance and increased practicality, that permits the client to draw in new B2B partners and draw external users’ loyalty and revenue from insurance purchases.

Although the initial outsourcing engagement was alleged to end once the application’s modernization was completed, the client selected to increase cooperation with Tech-It cluster. Currently, at the fourth year of collaboration, four developers from Tech-It cluster continue functioning on the application’s evolution and maintenance.

Technologies and Tools
Project management and DevOps: Confluence, Jira, Azure DevOps Server

Solution: .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Angular 1.5.8, IDE Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Studio, Azure