The client may be a supplier of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that use info and communication technologies to support and optimize road transportation, as well as infrastructure, vehicles, users and business. The systems aim at rising traffic flow, increasing road safety and serving to to shield the atmosphere and enhance peace.

A state organization operational as a road building and maintenance company commissioned the client to develop a system that may use totally automatic electronic assortment and process of auto tolling knowledge to conduct toll assortment with no interference to traffic flow. supported microwave DSRC (Dedicated Short vary Communication) technology, the system would permit road users to pay toll no end at toll plazas. The toll would be calculated mechanically due to direct communication between the on-board unit (OBU) mounted within the vehicle and also the toll gantries.

In order to make sure property system operation, the client developed:

Two CRM applications written in C# (back end) and metropolis (front end) – for operators to run the toll assortment system
Four applications (C# and Delphi) – for the most part for social control statistics
A website written in PHP – for drivers to manage their personal accounts
The client required to enhance his team of testers with native testing specialists practiced in many languages and able to perform full lifecycle localization testing of the given computer code. it absolutely was set to rent 2 testers from Tech-It cluster WHO along side the Customer’s testing team contributed to the booming take-off and operation of the toll assortment system in European nation.

Tech-It cluster testers stayed with the team for two months before and eight months when the launch of the system. In shut cooperation with the Customer’s business analyst and developers they performed a large vary of tasks:

Local testing team coordination, coming up with and task distribution
Checklist preparation and check style
Test arrange and action at law writing
Functional, regression and localization testing of system modules
Test results coverage
Bug review, coverage and verification
Product quality analysis
Tech-It cluster team place a substantial quantity of effort into the on-field testing beside the native system operators, that significantly needed the language information as none of the Customer’s specialists was practiced in native languages. This allowed to facilitate and considerably speed up the whole testing method.

Since within the Customer’s native unit there have been no dedicated testers, Tech-It cluster specialists provided an in depth and thorough coaching, in order that the native team may take over when the system was launched and also the initial testing team came to the company’s headquarters. Thus, the client avoided the expenses caused by relocating QA specialists.

All processes and workflows followed agile methodology with 3-4 week sprints. Tech-It cluster team managed to arrange the method with minimum idle time for the testing team.

The project was delivered on time. Tech-It cluster testers compete a key role in localizing the system and helped the client to significantly scale back the prices of its implementation. The system launch was considered the foremost booming among those performed by the client. presently the length of the toll roads within the country totals one,200 km.

Technologies and Tools
Testing software: TestTrack professional (Seapine), SoapUI

Framework: Microsoft .NET

Database management system: Microsoft SQL Server 2008